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Memories Memorial Bears - Made to Order

A Memories Memorial Bear is a teddy bear that I create from the clothing, or other fabric items that you send to me. The bear design is basic and simple, so what makes it special? The clothing and items are from a loved one that you want to remember forever with a huggable, soft teddy bear -- perhaps made with the fabric from their favorite shirt or dress, the one you always remember them wearing? And this can be done with an assortment of different garments, for a patchwork bear for example. Like the example bear in the photo, imagine yours made with fabric from their favorite outfit, and dressed up with that pin they always wore... You also do not have to limit yourself to clothing; I have made them from the kitchen curtains of a loved one, because that's where the customer wanted to remember them.

These bears are not just for making a memory of someone who has passed on, but you can also have one made for any other reason (using the fabric from that bridesmaid dress you'll never wear again, perhaps...? Or a bear made from the fabric of those baby clothes that were outgrown...) Large Bears sit at 10"  tall; Small Bears are 6" tall.  The bears are stuffed with new fiberfill stuffing, and have button eyes. The small 6" bears feature hand-embroidered details, and movable arms and legs with colorful buttons.  The large bears do not have movable arms or legs.  Single Bear orders are completed within 2 weeks of receiving your fabrics; multiple orders may take a bit longer.  If you are planning on using the bear(s) as a gift, allow for their completion and mailing back to you in your planning.  

Having a soft, huggable teddy bear made from the garments of your loved ones is a wonderful way to 'reach out and touch' your memories of them. And, you don't have to limit your memory fabrics to garments; I have made them from the kitchen curtains of a loved one, etc. Since buttons are used, the bears are not recommended for children under 6 as a toy.  

How to Order:  Purchase your item, and we will contact each other for any special instructions and the address to where you will ship your fabrics/materials.

Contact me if you have any questions at all about a desired project. Note about Photos: The 'gold' bear is made from drapery fabric; and the blue bear is made from denim jeans.   Each bear will be uniquely designed and handcrafted with care.

Photo:  Blue bear is made with denim jeans.

Gold Bear is made with drapery fabric.