The Little Studio with the Big Imagination

 I am a freelance craft artist.  I first started crafting when I was 9, knitting a red poncho with white fringe, teaching my friends to knit and crochet, and it only escalated to embroidery, sewing, macrame, beading, weaving, wood carving, doll making, gourds, paper crafting, Artist Trading Cards, painting, drawing, photography, and whatever else I could get my imagination into.  I enjoy bright animated art and love to work with inks and acrylics.  My favorite theme is The Boneyard, a collection of skeletal figures that are reminiscent of Dia de Los Muertos art.  

I found that I enjoy designing patterns and tutorials more than making items and selling them (though I do sell completed pieces.)   Part of this is because I also like to teach people how to make their own unique pieces of jewelry, dolls or clothing.

If you are crafty and love creating unique treasures, you can learn to make them through a tutorial in just the project you're interested in, often unique designs that you will not find anywhere else.  This is a benefit to having to purchase an entire craft book just to get that 'one design' that you really liked. I offer tutorials and patterns in jewelry, home decor, Christmas ornaments, and more.  You can instantly downoad them after purchase, so there are no shipping charges.  You can find my tutorials at my Busy Crow Studio Lulu shop

AND.... for crafting books, supplies, and unique artwork visit the Busy Crow Shopping Mall located on the left sidebar here on this website.